Whose voice is it any way?

Why Twitterspaces will win though Clubhouse is really a cool idea. And you have Facebook knocking on the door while Alexa is already inside. And then there is Mark Cuban.

The attention economy now wants your voice too.

The best interfaces design integrate Voice, Vision and Touch. Companies that can integrate these three into a seamless experience will win. Thats why Twitterspaces has an edge.

Having used Clubhouse (I really like the vibe) I still think Twitter has a better UI and UX. In addition, it already has the scale unlike Clubhouse which will have to fight to get access to distribution (even though its membership doubled in just a week). Twitter could also use spaces as the first try with going subscription based.

Enter Mark Cuban!, Who would have thought that the shark would see so much white space in audio? His Fireside App seems to be at the intersection of podcasts and live audio rooms is rumoured to be in development.

Voice is hear to stay. But why do I need to use an app to drop in? Why can’t I drop in using my Alexa or Siri if I know which room to get into?

Wait for Facebook, can they combine audio chats with their in-home devices?

This also sets into motion a race for voice recognition and algorithms to analyze voice. Now in addition to all the interfaces you touch in your daily life for tech companies to know you so well, your voice adds to your profile. The cognitive tone analyzer ring by Amazon is spooky enough.

And Reliance Jio with its new platform focus can just disrupt this for a billion people with local language focus. Heard of Uber Rooms?

One thing for sure, your mobile phone interface design is going to be the key to success of audio social networks.

“I keep thinking, with the mass Alexa adoption already in place, how can Amazon leverage audio rooms idea to become a major social media player?”

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